Friday, August 5, 2011

Love In A Cup

 I have looked at this through different views, and regardless of how I see it...It is a heart~!

When drinking one of the drinks for health I am to have ...this came forward after the last sip~! What a an omen to me~!

I love my life and the many little heart-felt miracles I
have had this week~!!!!
So, watch for messages in all you do...the Universe is always speaking to us in whatever way it may get 
our it came in the glance of the bottom of a cup I think I will keep for awhile to remind me of my heart...and the love and nuturing  it gives myself and the sharing of that love with others~!                        

Life's Gifts

I am one of the most Blessed people I know~! I am here to witness so much love and friendship...and it is such a wonderful gift to have them both in my life~!!!
I have been asked by many, what happened to me, and why I was in the hospital....I have been thinking of how best to respond...and this seems to be it.
I had not felt well for some time, but put it off to the autoimmune disfunctions I live with on a daily basis, just flaring up; along with not pacing myself, and considering my own needs, as much as I do others.  Then, last week, I contracted a virus. I was so miserable, but knew it was a temporary I just prayed each day for strength to make it through the day. God has never failed me...and I knew I was not alone in this time of great pain.
I went to the Dr on Monday morning, expecting to only have an IV to rehydrate me, and some blood work to check stats...well, that was not to be. I got the privilege to be taken by the Aid Car of the Mulkiteo Fire Department, and three of there fine personnel, to Providence Hospital, in Everett.
There I was taken directly to a room, no long waiting for me...I was given VIP service it felt like...and everyone was so attentive and caring...God knew my needs again, as I have been in the hospital too many times under very stressful conditions. This was such a different experience~for which I am so thankful to have experienced. It shifted my perspective and gave me a calmness through the severe pain.
It turned out I had a NoroVirus, that had infected  one of my heart valves, and also the small intestine. That set in motion the severe dehydration that was followed by Acute renal failure, sinus bradycardia, Atrial Fibrillation,and a very rapid ventricular rate...along with the gastroenteritis,was adrenal gland enlargement along with diverticulosis; and the fibromyalgia flare, to exacerbate into a full blown meltdown for my central nervous system. I was a stroke waiting to happen, and still am, so I am told, by the wonderful physician that attended me in the hospital.
I was released late yesterday afternoon, to come home, where I would be in a safer enviroment to heal; and I was so happy for that gift~! I missed Glen and the nature that normally bring me comfort and joy each day. I definitely don't take those gifts for granted, but felt very selfish in wanting to return to them~!
Today, I have slept and attempted to come communicate a few is so nice to have this electronic connection to my family and friends~ it was amazing to me to see just how many people have shared with me during this, and the out pouring of love, and offering of help and assistance, for any needs~!!!   Again, I am so Blessed... with Gifts from God's Love...shown through my fellow friends and family~!!!!
I return to the PCP on Tuesday, for further testing, and review of baseline information. Then, I will be seeing a cardiac specialist  for the heart valve, to discuss the treatment plan, and procedures from that prospective.
I have every reason to believe that this was a wake-up call for me to focus more on taking care of myself, instead of being the caretaker for others...putting myself in the position I usually give others. It is very humbling to me to think of this with a new perspective of selfness for self care~!
So, I come to each of you today, and ask that you consider your health issues, and the need to attend to them with loving care...and not to ignore your own needs. Treat yourself with the attention and love you give to your family and friends...YOU are important to God and the Universe,, or you would not have the opportunity to be here to share~!
 It is a Divine Gift to have this Opportunity of a Journey called Life~ It is to be lived with a gusto, and appreciation, many of us  have let go of, or forgotten, due to the responsibilities we have placed upon ourselves.
So, It is with Much Love I say, I  am so Grateful for Life's Gifts, I have been given, and still receive...LOVE being the Most Precious, from God, Our Creator, and from Each of YOU that Brighten my Days~!!!!
With a Joy-filled Heart, Deborah

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Leisurely Stroll

This morning we were greeted by two young deer that came to vist. They were just strolling down the road, and came into the yard to see what might be on the menu~! The deer were very relaxed, as if they came here each day~ I think they knew we were excited to see them, and greatful they are still around
the area~! With the amount of developement in the area, the last few years, we have seen less and less of the wildlife, we so enjoyed, in years before~!

This was a reminder to me to about the many blessings and gifts we are given each day, and many take for granted~ Nature serves to remind me to never take anything for granted...and my memories are sweetened by the refreshment of new visions and today~!
A fresh breeze blew by after they went into the brush, toward the lake. I felt we had been visited by Spirits of long ago, that once lived here in the peat bog this was tribal lands...for Summer and Fall ... fishing,berry picking, and basket weaving times.

I think that is why the Eagles visit so often, as do the Osprey, Falcons, and  various in the bog has its advantages~and we hope to perserve this area for years to come, keeping it in the most natural of states.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Nature Walk

 This was a good day for a walk, in nature. I enjoyed listening to the sounds of the birds talking to each other. Stopping to quench my thirst, I found these three nest. They are located in the brush along the edge of a small creek. It is amazing to see them withstand the winds that flow through the area.

 The creek is back within its boundaries, and flowing gently on toward the Snohomish River and into Puget Sound...ever changing...always a different view, and picture to see~!
All in all a wonderful day~ I love the clouds, and had to take a break to watch them, and look for the messages they bring.
The blue sky is a special gift here in the gray of the Northwest...never take a bright day for granted~!
Growing up in the Southwest, I had much to learn about the change of Season,and short growing time for a garden, in the Northwest.
I have to say clouds bring brightness to my worldly view~!  To float on them and find myself in other places, lost in their shapes and energy...the vibrations grow...feelings touch my soul and I am forever changed. Spirit guides me though earthly messages...nature, is a strong source of  solace and comfort,that renewal is constant for All~

How Fast Things Change

One day you wake up to a call "your fired" and it is from a demented soul, that you have been DPOA for Health Care do you react??? I was so shocked it was like a punch in the gut~! I have to remember this is a person I once knew, and they are no longer that same person, but the same soul~! To find joy in the change is not easy, unless I let go of the past and accept what the present is, and flow with the NOW.
Staying in the Now is not easy for us humans we tend to go back to days before, and then to the future, and rarely stay here in the present. To be happy in the moment is hard for us in this day and keep up with all the latest electronic gizmo's, and such...instantaneous gratification to the max~! A far cry from my early days of youth. I am happy to stay grounded to the earth, and know that all the changes I am experiencing are only opportunities and challenges for birthing a new part of self...more of who I am growing to be.
I have a wonderful support group of open minded souls that bring Brightness to my days~! We meet on Wednesday nights for 'class', and each week, I open to learning and understanding change. The changes we are all experiencing, on different levels. There are also others in my social community that bring Light and Love to my world of sharing...each being a part of the bigger Oneness we are.
Our vibrations are shifting, and our colors are changing...the aura's in nature reflect a more neon hue to the colors...and depth of richness in the greens~! I go to the wooded areas of my yard, or to the forest to surround myself to the greens of the various ferns, leaves, branches, plants, all so lush and vibrant this time of the year~! This charges my batteries~!!!
So, changes are happening, doors are continually opening for me to explore more new adventures~! I am being called on more often to assist others along their paths, and that brings me Joy~!This is a great time for me; and I am excited to experience the whirlwind of change...on to bigger and better things~knowing that Spirit is guiding me along this path~!!!  As the Earth turns and shifts... so do We~!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Day's View...late February

Late February, and we are having an Artic Wave of weather coming through our area. I love the crispness of this time of the year...especially, if I am cozy inside by the stove, with a good cup of hot tea, and often, a good book.
Today, was one of those days. I took my time today, and did just what I wanted...reading several articles I had set aside and marked in different publications. Something I have had on my "to do" list for much too long. It felt good to have the time to"just be" with myself.
The last several weeks has tested my strength of character,and emotional boundaries. I watched a friend survive having a kidney removed due to renal cell carcinoma, and end up with Congested Heart Failure. Each day I have watched the 'progress' and needed a day to hear it from a distance. Talking with the nurses today, and knowing everyone was doing their part, I could relax for the first time in many days....Knowing there is a Oneness of All Knowing taking care of the bigger picture~! Thank YOU for the Snow...I needed this picture, to reflect the many Blessings I have each day to explore more of who I truly want to be when I grow up~!
I am so thankful for a day to 'think' of our gifts, and how special we each and everyone are to the big picture...It is not easy for me to accept some of my family birth or not, some days, barely myself...but I am shifting my outlook, as there are less and less of my age group to communicate with, and I don't want to loose myself in the picture~!
Being a caretaker to others, is often a road that too many travel without healthy boundaries. Been there done that, way too many times. I have grown in this relationship, and found new parts of self, to open doors to...on both longer an enabler to my friend, but a solid rock of support....and better friend to myself for taking a step back, and day off. My husband enjoyed having a 'home cooked' meal tonight~! That was nice...sharing a meal and being together in the evening, for a change. I had missed that special time of sharing, as Glen's schedule and mine are very different these days.
I have learned to not take a moment for granted...time is a wonderful gift~!
Time to close the damper on the stove and nestle in for the night...Lake Cassidy is on the quiet side of a Bright Moon above the Cascade Mts View~!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year~!

I have taken awhile to come back to you, my blog~! What a beginning this year has brought my way~! To be here now is a comfort to my soul... I had several days of wanting to share, but not enough hours in the day sometimes to do for myself all I would like...this year I have a mind set for more fun, adventure, and JOY in each day~! So...I will be back to visit with stories and happenings of my daily encounters with others, as I open myself to step out into the world again on different levels of self expression, and growth.

I have been invited to speak to a group on Alternative Health Modalities...Colors and Their Vibrational Healing; to emotional and physical pain. I am excited about that~! So many are looking outwardly for healing through RX and treatments foreign to the body...Colors are apart of us, as is vibration. A more natural approach, very economic, and only takes time and focus...along with Belief in Self Powers.

I am also attending Metaphysical Classes, and learning more each week about myself and the Ancient Sciences that all things are rooted in. Numerology, Astrology, Astronomy, Tarot, Kabbalah, I-Ching,and other mystical mysteries with Native American, First Nation practices, as well~! I also am re-reading the Bible, this year with a new understanding.

I have always been a curious one, to explore and gain knowledge to better understand others, and life in general. This gives me a much broader view of many, many aspects of the mind of myself and others; and history, which is another interest of mine.

So...I am bringing a harmony to my souls vibrations of learning and growth...that is more than a Middle C on the scales...but that is a good start...all I need now is my tuning fork...and to find my speak more of my thoughts. In time, I will do just that~!

Here's to Opening Myself to the Gifts and Blessings this New Year has to offer~ with Great Appreciation of all those that have helped me step up and speak honor me, and I am so very thankful for the influence you have shared with me; thus far, along this journey~!