Friday, August 5, 2011

Love In A Cup

 I have looked at this through different views, and regardless of how I see it...It is a heart~!

When drinking one of the drinks for health I am to have ...this came forward after the last sip~! What a an omen to me~!

I love my life and the many little heart-felt miracles I
have had this week~!!!!
So, watch for messages in all you do...the Universe is always speaking to us in whatever way it may get 
our it came in the glance of the bottom of a cup I think I will keep for awhile to remind me of my heart...and the love and nuturing  it gives myself and the sharing of that love with others~!                        


  1. Dearest Deborah
    How beautiful! is all I can say.
    Love you Angel

  2. Beautiful though, Sweet Friend! I will be popping in to your blog from time to time, now that I know you are here. Sending blessings and love!